Tear Away
Think of tear away stabilizers as temporary support. When the stitching is complete, these stabilizers are removed and discarded.

Some tear a lot easier than others, and it's important to test this before using it in your project.

When tearing off stabilizer, one that doesn't tear easily might pull at the stitching of a delicate fabric, canceling the value of the stabilizer entirely.

Tear away stabilizers come in a variety of weights, both adhesive and non-adhesive.

They work well with natural fiber fabrics, like cotton, and other woven non-stretch fabrics.

Iron-on is one of the more popular forms of tear away.

While tear away stabilizers come in a variety of weights, it's usually better to use multiple layers of a lighter weight than one layer of a heavy weight.

For example, a common technique is to use an iron-on behind the fabric, and then slide one or more sheets of free-standing tear away under the hoop before stitching.


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Tear Aways