Bernina Activa 215

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Bernina Activa 215

An exciting introduction to sewing!

So you want to make sewing your new hobby or spread your creative wings occasionally?

What’s more, you place a high value on quality. Then the BERNINA 215 is the right choice for you!

It’s exceptionally userfriendly and easy to handle, robust and durable.

It even grows to meet your demands – if need be, it can be equipped with a host of special accessories, and adapted to your personal sewing requirements.

QUALITY... CB hook system, The CB hook system ensures perfect stitch quality and thread tension, and is easy to clean.
DURABILITY... The B 215 is characterized by its sturdy construction, durability, and finest BERNINA quality.
MOTOR... The powerful motor (900 rpm) boasts high needle penetration power, so you can also sew thick and multi-layered fabrics.
FLEXIBILITY...The B 215 grows to keep pace with your skills. You can individually upgrade it with a wide range of special accessories, thereby expanding your sewing

Standard snap-on soles included...– Reverse pattern sole no. 1, Overlock sole no. 2, Buttonhole sole no. 3, Zipper sole no. 4, Blindstitch sole no. 5.

Skins are also available for the new BERNINA 215. (Click here for details)

Feet and Needles

For best results remember to use the correct needles and feet for the correct fabrics...refer to our feet and needle section for details.

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