Leather Needles

Size 80-100
Product SKU: Leather Needles

Leather Needles - 80 to 100 Needle System 130/705 H - LR

These are our Leather Bernina flat backed needles.

Leather Needles have a dagger shaped point so they can pierce through the leather easily.

They are also able to be used with other machine makes and models that take flat back needles.

Note: When sewing vinyl we recommend a microtex needle.

5 per pack

Use... for leather (also suitable for artificial leather) Not suitable for textiles!

Artificial leather 80, 90
Calf-leather 80, 90
Goatskin 80, 90
Leather (heavy also hard artifical leather) 100
Pigskin 80, 90
Suede 80, 90