Warm Blend

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50% Cotton/50% Polyster
Product SKU: JR Warm Blend

Warm Blend - 230cm

We recommend this batting especially for new quilters as the layers of your quilt hold together well and it is easy to quilt.

Pure white, warm cotton fibers are blended with pillow-soft, polyester fibers giving quilters the best of both worlds.

Quilted lines and designs are highlighted as stitches sink deep, achieving lofty dimension in the finished quilt.

Warm Blend is manufactured using the same state of the art needle-punch technology that makes Warm & Natural the most highly regarded cotton batting among quilters and crafters world-wide.   

Perfect for your creative projects You can see and feel the difference Warm Blend adds to your artistry.

Its a low-loft batting like Warm & Natural and Warm & White, but the polyester fibers give a added "puff" and dimension to your quilting stitches.

They sink deep into the quilt and the pattern and texture are highlighted, especially after the first wash.

The batting's durability and versatility also makes it ideal for an exterior craft fabric.

Use Warm Blend batting to add character to your soft sculpture creations. .