Natural Blend

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50% Cotton 50% Wool
Product SKU: JR Natural Blend

Natural Blend - 230cm

50% Wool & 50% Cotton

We recommend this batting especially for those who love natural fibres.

What the manufactuer says....            

Our new ultra-cleaning process extracts a greater percentage of leaves and stems. Virtually unblemished, Warm & Natural batting looks its Sunday best.        

Our newly refined needlepunch technique better distributes the cotton on both sides of the scrim.        

Tiny tangles called neps, which once led to dull needles, are nearly eliminated.        

Warm & Natural needled cotton still uses no chemicals, glues, or resins, so you know that it is gentle enough for even the youngest child.

Strong, durable, unbeatably soft, bright, balanced, clean, and 100% guaranteed. Improved Warm & Natural is as exceptional as it sounds.